Cavity Wall Insulation

If you have home insulation in your ceiling and good well fitted and sealed window coverings, but you have not put in cavity wall insulation, youCavity Wall Insulation will find that over 50% of your heat loss can occur through the walls. So, wall insulation can make a significant difference to the temperature in your home, and consequently to your comfort as well as your heating and cooling bills.

Cavity wall insulation (New construction)

Spray foam is applied directly to the silver lining of the cavity wall at approximately 90-100mm then trimmed off leaving a smooth surface for the plaster to be affixed to the wall.  Spray foam wall insulation provides the best possible R Rating. Spray foam insulation also seals all building gaps and air leaks.

Not only will it provide the best possible insulation it will also give a 75% noise reduction. Great if you live close to your neighbours. It does not sag or detoriate overtime, provides a hypo allergenic option for clients with allergies or asthma, provide lower electricity bills and greenhouse emissions. Our Sealection 500 foam complies to the Australian Standards click here to see all the test reports.

Want your home to be warmer in winter or cooler in summer? request a quote for your cavity wall insulation from SprayFoam Solutions. Foam Insulation is the best cavity wall insulation material you can get having a high rh value and being eco friendly.