Testimonial 1.

We have just had the pleasure of having the Insulfoam team at our new home to apply our insulation.

From the very early stages of engagement Nash has been informative, helpful and absolutely lovely to deal with.

Even though we haven’t yet moved in, we can already hear and feel the benefits. Our home which is on quite a busy road has quietened down significantly and we could feel the warmth of the day contained within the house.

This is our ‘forever house’ so we are thrilled that we have chosen such a fabulous product that will benefit us financially and benefit the environment for years to come.

Tabitha Lakeland.


Testimonial 2.

During our recent renovation we found ourselves with some serious time limitations and challenges trying to throughly insulated our home.
Nash gave us much helpful advice even before we had decided to employ him. His knowledge of the product and understandings of how to best achieve results won us over.
Once on the job his positive attitude and thoroughness was such a relief and the results were fantastic.
We would not hesitate to recommend ‘Sprayfoam solutions‘ for anyone who is serious about making their house thermally sound.
Thanks Rachel Sietzema and Marco de Vrin


Testimonial 3.

My family and I moved to NorthEast Tasmania in 2011 from Northern Iowa USA. Although the weather in Tasmania is relatively mild and constant compared to Iowa – winters mostly below zero celsius and several feet of snow and summers in the high 30’s (celsius) and humid – we initially found the temperature and humidity conditions in our Tasmanian home to be uncomfortable and unpredictable.

Upon further inspection we discovered our home had insulated walls and ceiling, but no protection under the floor, which is elevated above the ground 500 to 1500 mm with vents and moist ground. We decided to insulate the floor from under the house and began looking at options. The recommendations from builders and building supply companies included styrofoam pads or fiberglass insulation – both requiring alternative methods to attach to the floor joists. From our experience in the past, the above methods have had little effect on sound-barriers and sealing potential air leaks. Working with builders in Iowa prior to leaving, we recalled the standard for insulating houses was spray foam insulation, which provided temperature regulation and humidity control as well as delivering our home an air-tight seal. A google search later and we were directed to “spray foam solutions” in Victoria. We relayed our situation and desire to have the floor insulated. After e-mail correspondences regarding the details of the job, a short time later we were on the list to have the job done.

When we had the opportunity to meet with Nash and his working partner the day of the job, we found them to be extremely professional in their attitude to the job and quite knowledgable in the product. The product itself is produced in the U.S. and meets and exceeds environmental and personal safety and insulating requirements in Australia. The job was done quickly and neatly. Following the completion of the job, the site was cleaned and inspected. Since having the floor sprayed, my wife and daughters have remarked that the floor is warmer to walk on and does not make nearly as many “creaking” sounds as prior to application. We are looking forward to a warmer and dryer winter thanks to the spray foam.

We would recommend and encourage anyone looking for an environmentally safe form of home insulation with the above mentioned benefits to contact the friendly, helpful and well-informed staff at “spray foam solutions” to schedule a consult and begin enjoying a new level of in-home temperature comfort.

Roger & Traci


Testimonial 4.


Hi Nash.

Great to see you at the Home Show.

Just a follow-up on the result of your install of Foam insulation under the floor of our 1960’s brick veneer home in Werribee, Victoria, 13/7/2012.

Since the install, the house has been much more comfortable to be in, certainly not so cold underfoot, and not much need for extra layers of clothes while inside as was the case prior to the installation.

Now the house temperature stays in double figures when the outdoor temperature is well into single figures, generally only dropping to about 14-15 degrees since the insulation went in.

Previously the house was very noisy with bare timber floor, now that too as reduced a great deal, in fact this was the first thing that we noticed after the install.

I highly recommend Nash and the Sealection 500TM insulation.

It will certainly make your house much more comfortable to live in.


Daiman McIntyre



Testimonial 5.

Hi Nash,

The insulation is working great, my son and daughter in-law are very happy, they commented that the now they can walk on ceramic tiles with bare feet, before they were so cold they could barely walk on them, and they are very happy with the constant temperature, they hardly have to stoke their wood heater, and already notice the saving of wood. The motel units are also keeping warm, before the installation of the spray foam,  when rooms were not occupied, I would open them up to air them and I could feel the cold air coming out of the rooms like a coolroom, now they are a lot warmer even when they have not been used.

Thank you for the great job and the promptness of installation.


Florence deVries

Snug as a Bug Motel and Guest House


Testimonial 6.

Dear Nash,

Thank you for the work that you and Colin did installing the underfloor spray foam insulation on our Canberra house. I was happy with the price and the service was professional, friendly and flexible. The job was commenced on time, finished ahead of the estimate that I was given and the site was left clean and tidy. The actual application of the foam looks very neat and thorough.
In our already well insulated house I was able to immediately notice one improvement: a reduction in noise. There appears to be a reduction in high frequency sounds such as the rush of air in the underfloor gas heating. An assessment of thermal benefits will have to wait until we see what reduction in our gas consumption we achieve but subjectively this morning the bathroom floor felt warmer on my bare feet.
I will be happy to refer others to your business, in fact I have already posted a link to your web site from my Facebook account.
Patrick Keogh

Testimonial 7.

Hi Nash
Thanks again for a great job. It was a pleasure dealing with you and you were always patient answering my numerous questions. We have already noticed the in the feel of the house and look forward to a much warmer winter.