Open Cell Foam Insulation

By using open cell foam insulation Sprayfoam Solutions sets a high benchmark in deciding what spray foam product to use for it’s foam insulation offering to customers. In deciding whose product to use the following main criteria were assessed.

  1. Must be highly flame retardant.
  2. Must have zero Ozone Depletion Potential.
  3. Must have zero Global Warming Potential.
  4. Must be Volatile Organic Compound free.
  5. Must non-hazardous in all respects.
  6. Meet all local Australian standards.

Most of the above are self-explanatory, except maybe for #4 “Volatile Organic Compound Free”. This simply means no vapors are emitted.

open cell foamThe open cell foam insulation product they found that met all requirements was “AUSFOAM 10” supplied by Australian company, “Pacific Urethane Systems” developed locally, exported to the world and providing Australian jobs.

AUSFOAM 10” is a semi-rigid ‘open’ cell polyurethane spray foam system specifically formulated to provide a highly Flame Retarded Spray Foam System. Spray Foam Solutions now use this product in all their projects requiring an open cell foam solution both residential and commercial.
If further information is required on this open cell foam insulation product you can request fact sheets by emailing