Open Cell Foam Insulation

By using open cell foam insulation Sprayfoam Solutions sets a high benchmark in deciding what spray foam product to use for it’s foam insulation offering to customers. In deciding whose product to use the following main criteria were assessed.

  1. Must be highly flame retardant.
  2. Must have zero Ozone Depletion Potential.
  3. Must have zero Global Warming Potential.
  4. Must be Volatile Organic Compound free.
  5. Must non-hazardous in all respects.
  6. Meet all local Australian standards.

Most of the above are self-explanatory, except maybe for #4 “Volatile Organic Compound Free”. This simply means no vapors are emitted.

open cell foam

The open cell foam insulation product they found that met all requirements was “AUSFOAM 10” supplied by Australian company, “Pacific Urethane Systems” developed locally, exported to the world and providing Australian jobs.

AUSFOAM 10” is a semi-rigid ‘open’ cell polyurethane spray foam system specifically formulated to provide a highly Flame Retarded Spray Foam System. Spray Foam Solutions now use this product in all their projects requiring an open cell foam solution both residential and commercial.

The use of Ausfoam 10 on a dwelling will be a great benefit by offering high insulating qualities. These benefits are achieved by the unique patented qualities of Ausfoam 10.

Not only does Ausfoam 10 have a high R value, it has the noted benefit of ceasing air infiltration that allows heat to escape and cold air to penetrate. Thus reducing ever increasing heating and cooling fuel costs and lowering the output of ‘Green house gases.
This sealing feature also stops dust and air borne particles which is a huge benefit for those who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.
Ausfoam 10 has the competitive above other spray foams on the Australian market because not only does it comply with AS 1530.3 – 1999 (Fire hazard properties) it has been subject to rigorous testing. Austhane 10 complies with the following Australian Standards/Building Code Australia standards and all test reports can be issued on request.
We will also issue you a certificate of compliance on completion of your project confirming this.
Sprayfoam Solutions also can put you at ease by knowing that all our operators are trained and authorised by Demilec USA. Our applicators receive ongoing training, have current OH&S white cards and are inducted onto your worksite. Sprayfoam Solutions are also members of the HIA.
Unlike other insulation products, Ausfoam 10 will self adhere and remain intact with no requirement for additional support systems.
Sprayfoam has been in use with great success in the U.S.A and Canada for many years.  In particular in Canada with their harsh winter conditions, it has proved time and time again to be the choice of designers and government departments to become the market leader in its field.

If you are reasing this you may be considering an investment by insulating your home. I recommend you read this “The Myth of R values“. It is long, but hey! you are looking to invest money so its well worth reading to the end.

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