Miscellaneous Insulation Projects

Foam Filled Pontoons

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We have been foam filling a lot of pontoons (cavity fill) to provide extra buoyancy.

Onslow, WA. Airport Building Insulation Project

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When we say we travel all over Australia to install spray foam insulation you can’t get any further remote than this in outback Australia. Onslow Airport is on the north west tip of WA. Foam insulation was installed in the building below whilst under construction.

Chrysler dealership, under roof insulation

Gotta keep those cars cool (and customers) the reason this Chrysler dealership had us install foam insulation under the roof of this building. A competitive bid got us the job.

Sound Insulation of Stone Crusher Cabins.

This job was for the quarry industry where sound was a issue. They are crusher cabins that are placed in the crusher plant.

Nando’s missing Mango’s