Can I install Sealection 500 myself?

No. Sealection 500 MUST be installed by a qualified and licensed Sprayfoam Solutions professional.

How does Sealection 500 compare to a conventionally insulated house?

Increased insulation value – The maximum standard bulk insulation possible to install in a standard stud frame is R 1.5 – Sealection 500 at 90mm depth = R 2.37. Which is up to 60% more insulation value additionally, regardless of how well the bulk insulation is fitted. Invariably there will be gaps between the insulation and structure. Sealection 500 will seal gaps therefore reducing thermal leakage. Some tests indicate that the reduced effectiveness of standard bulk insulation due to air leakage could be as high as 50%.

Does Sealection 500 deteriorate with age?

Once installed by a trained applicator, Sealection 500 does not settle, shrink or deteriorate.

Does Sealection 500 performance diminish with age?

Sealection 500’s R value does not diminish over the life of the building.

Is Sealection 500 carcinogenic?

No toxic gases or substances are emitted once installed. Sealection 500 has no CFC’s or HCFC, no formaldehydes, no airborne fibers and is 100% water blown.

What is the R rating?

Sealection 500 at 90mm depth = R 2.37 (refer tech details)

What is the STC rating?

Sealection 500 has a rating of 39 in a standard stud wall construction. (refer tech details)

Does Sealection 500 conform to Australian Standards?

Sealection 500 has been tested in accordance to the following standards. AS/NZS 1530.3 – 1999 Part 3 simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release. AS1276 methods for determination of sound transmission class and noise isolation class of building partitions.

How does Sealection 500 differ from other spray on insulation available in Australia?

Sealection 500 is installed using hi tech imported equipment by specially trained and licensed applicators to achieve the highest of results. Due to the complexity and necessity of specialized equipment and licensing requirements, it can not be self-installed.

Is the technology new?

Sealection 500 has been used in the USA, Canada and parts of Asia for many years.

Is Sealection 500 suitable for steel frame construction?

Sealection 500 is particularly well suited for steel frame construction as it seals and fills void space in the structure.

Does Sealection 500 burn or give off toxic fumes in the event of fire?

Sealection 500 has been tested in accordance with AS 1530.3 and complies with all regulatory indices included in the standard and also satisfies the fire hazard properties clauses included in the Building Code of Australia.

Any electric wiring overheating problems?

There is no special requirement need to encapsulate electrical wires other than what is required with all types of insulation. As with other types of insulation such as fiberglass, cellulose when the properly rated size and type of electrical wires are used, there is no over heating of those electrical wires.

Is the Insulation corrosive to metals?

No, SEALECTION 500 Insulation is non-corrosive. It is neutral, which means it is neither acidic nor alkaline. This product will not cause corrosion to metal studs and other metal typically found in construction.

Does SEALECTION 500 insulation support the growth of moulds?

No, SEALECTION 500 Insulation offers no food value therefore it cannot support bacteria or fungal growth. The effective air sealing characteristics of SEALECTION 500 prevents the movement of hot air to the cold parts of the walls. This effective air-sealing process prevents condensation from taking place within the wall cavities. The elimination of condensation within the wall assemblies prevents the growth of moulds, mildew.

What about pests i.e. roaches, ants, mice and termites?

SEALECTION 500 insulation offers no food value, but it would not present a sufficient barrier to their entry if they decided to gnaw through it. Normally, pests take “the path of least resistance” and if they cannot detect a food source then they would normally not attempt to go through. In this sense, SEALECTION 500 acts as a physical barrier and an odour barrier that has shown to significantly reduce the number of pests entering the homes.

What are the acoustical properties of SEALECTION 500?

SEALECTION 500 Insulation has excellent sound absorption properties and sound transmission properties. When comparing SEALECTION 500 to other insulation, there is a very noteworthy difference. As an effective air seal, it eliminates the air gaps through which sound travels easiest. SEALECTION 500 Insulation is superior in controlling mid-range frequencies that include the most common sounds, the human voice and stereo music.

At what stage is SELECTION 500 System installed?

The SEALECTION 500 Insulation System is installed after the windows, doors and roof are in, the electrical and plumbing inspections are completed, and after any other electrical or mechanical system located behind the plasterboard is installed. It is the last installation to take place before plasterboard is installed.