We all know how hot sheds become and how cold during winters, so would shed insulation be a viable option to prevent these extremes. Most sheds and buildings are predominately made of metal. These are the hardest structures to insulate from heat and cold due to their excellent heat and cold transmission properties. Let’s face it heating radiators are made of metal. We have felt our cars and found how hot they become when left out in the sun. Because metals are highly conductive of heat and cold the best way to stop this is using an insulating material. They are also highly reverberative to noise which is made worse for those large factory buildings both without and within industrial areas.

What is the best for shed insulation and metal buildings?

Using batts, wool and other types of soft insulation.

Using these sorts of insulation especially in large sheds and factory buildings pose a bit of a problem. First they need fixing to the walls which may need framing in order to do this. This would become even more difficult for roofs where a great deal of the heat from the sun is obtained. On top of this some sort of vapour retarder may be needed to cover them to stop moisture permeating the insulation.

Shed Insulation and for metal buildings using spray foam.

The first thing we can say about spray foam for shed insulation and steel buildings is that it does not need any support. Using closed cell spray insulation it actually adheres to the metal. Also, the thickness required for the same R value than that required using other forms of insulation {e.g. batts) is much less. Because the foam adheres to the metal of the building it makes the whole structure more rigid reducing reverberation from within and without.

Sprayfoam Solutions has just completed this shed for a customer, thermal insulation was an issue but with storage in mind, the condensation, dirt/dust and little critters entering through the numerous holes and gaps were also a major issue. By using a closed-cell zero flame spread index foam we were able to create a thermal/air and moisture barrier along with filling all the holes and gaps.

As well as shed insulation we should consider another type of building that we are all familiar with, Gyms. Most gyms are again predominantly made of metal and we are all too familiar how hot they can get during summer. Below is an example of one project completed at Foster Primary School in Victoria.

shed Insulation

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