Shed Insulation and Metal Structures

We all know how hot sheds become and how cold during winters, so would shed insulation be a viable option to prevent these extremes. Most sheds and buildings are predominately made of metal. These are the hardest structures to insulate from heat and cold due to their excellent heat and cold transmission properties. Let’s face … Read more

Tiny House Insulation Australia

If you are considering building a tiny house then one thing on your checklist is tiny house insulation. Many people decide on tiny house living as it is a way to reduce the cost of living. Not only does it reduce the cost of living but will also reduce the carbon footprint which is becoming … Read more

Wind Washing and It’s Deadly Effects.

As builders and contractors seek more ways to create quality air and thermal barriers in their building envelopes, it has become increasingly clear that in order to successfully accomplish this, the right insulation material must be chosen from the start of the process. The expectation of your chosen insulation is that it not allow airflow … Read more

What Makes a Sustainable House.

Do you consider that you have a sustainable house? We have all heard about sustainable houses, those made of straw bales and other types of renewable materials. We have heard of house structures made with metal frames that are not renewable and also contribute to our global warming crises. (Which unfortunately politicians around the world … Read more

What about Ceiling Insulation?

The reasons for installing ceiling insulation are widespread. With this sort of insulation there are several reasons why you would want this depending on the building type and roof construction. For example if you live in a multistory apartment building you may need to install ceiling sound insulation to reduce the amount of noise coming … Read more

Green Home Green Planet

The heading “Green Home Green Planet” is not what you think, a bash about environmental responsibility, although it comes naturally when considering insulating your home. Just think of the direct benefits of doing this (Reduced costs and more comfort) and that you are indirectly reducing the affect on the planet. Did you know that there … Read more

Reduce Your Energy Bills

I hope you have browsed through our website and found out all about the benefits of insulating your home and at the same time reduce your energy costs. If not, I suggest that you do so because insulating your home is one of the most effective ways of actually reducing your energy costs. Each area … Read more

Acoustic Insulation Using Spray Foam

Did you know that spray foam is not only a good insulator but is also a good sound proofing and acoustic insulation material. It is able to be used for other purposes such as protecting your home against pests. In comparison to other insulators, spray foam is one of the most efficient acoustic barriers for … Read more

Is Insulating Underfloor a Good Thing?

With today’s emphasis on saving energy (which includes saving of money) why don’t more people think about insulating underfloor.  Insulation has become foremost in our minds. Even if we are just interested in saving money or increasing our comfort we can contribute to reducing carbon emissions into our atmosphere as well. In this article we … Read more