Why Just Adding More Insulation is not Enough!

There is one big fact is that you can’t accomplish the kind of energy efficiency you would like by simply adding more insulation. You need an air barrier to stop uncontrolled air leakage. Over 30-40 percent of the cost of heating and cooling a building is lost to uncontrolled air leakage.

As well as costing money, air leakage in addition contributes to problems with moisture, mold growth, thermal comfort, noise, airborne dirt and dust, as well as structural deterioration.

Most types of insulation (e.g. glass fibre) will not prevent air leakage no matter how much you put in. In actual fact, if you visit older properties you might see grimy, discolored glass fibre a telltale symptom of the movement of air, as it collects dust like a filter.

With uncontrolled air leakage, the heater and air conditioner have to work harder to maintain the interior environment. SprayFoam Solutions unique spray foam insulation products provide that air barrier which eliminates uncontrolled air leakage by contributing to an air impervious building envelope system. This enables the heating system and cooling equipment to do its job uncompromised by needing to make up for the air that is leaving your home or building.

By improving the operating efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment reduces energy consumption and consequently energy costs. The installation of an effective air barrier may even allow the equipment to be downsized in some cases by a substantial amount.

Considering this, if you employ an architect to design your home you should have them to assess the sizing of your heating and/or cooling requirements if you have complete insulation installed.

Have a talk with SprayFoam Solutions about foam insulation and how it can reduce air leakage and improve the efficiency of your home or building.