What about Ceiling Insulation?

The reasons for installing ceiling insulation are widespread. With this sort of insulation there are several reasons why you would want this depending on the building type and roof construction. For example if you live in a multistory apartment building you may need to install ceiling sound insulation to reduce the amount of noise coming from the apartment above. If you are in a top apartment you may need it primarily to reduce the amount of heat entering or the amount of heat escaping during the winter.

Ceiling insulation

If you have an apartment that is in a older building converted into two apartments one on top of the other then noise reduction becomes even more important as the ceilings are usually constructed of wood which easily transmits noise. Not much of a problem when it was a whole house and it was just your kids jumping up and down upstairs.

Ceiling insulation

If you have a flat roof the ceiling is only centimetres from the outside. Here ceiling insulation is even more important as this sort of construction usually has a metal roof which we all know is an avid transmitter of heat, especially when in the full sun.

In a standard constructed home (i.e. one with a roof space) you may say, I have roof insulation why do I need ceiling insulation.Probably the only time you need this is to stop heat you are generating to warm your room escaping into the roof space. No one lives there so you don’t need to heat it. (Unless you have converted it into a living space).

Have an attic? or thinking of creating one in your roof space? These rooms tend to be the hottest in the house. Effective attic insulation is a must for these.

It is always best to consult a professional insulation consultant on just what sort of ceiling insulation you need to reduce any (or multiple) of the reasons we have written about. Our dedicated staff are only to pleased to advise in these areas. To get assistance and advice on ceiling insulation please phone us by visiting our “Contact Page” or fill in the form with your requirements.