Green Home Green Planet

The heading “Green Home Green Planet” is not what you think, a bash about environmental responsibility, although it comes naturally when considering insulating your home.

Just think of the direct benefits of doing this (Reduced costs and more comfort) and that you are indirectly reducing the affect on the planet. Did you know that there is now more carbon in the air that than the last highest 3 million years ago?

So reduce your costs and become a green home and help to make a green planet without even having to think about it.

Now you may say, “How much should I insulate my home?” let’s consider the various areas. Roof Insulation, Ceiling Insulation, Wall Insulation and Underfloor Insulation.

Types Of Home Insulation

Roof Insulation.

Roof insulation is where you insulate the underside of the roof. This has the benefit of reduceing the amount of heat entering your roof space from the sun. Have you ever got into your car after it has sat in the sun for a while. Your roof space suffers the same except that there is very little egress of this heat back out so it filters down into the rooms below. By far the best way to reduce this is with Spray Foam Roof Insulation.

Ceiling Insulation.

This is where you lay insulation on top of the ceiling. Doing this works twofold. One, it stops all that warm you have provided by heating your rooms escaping into the roof space where it is going to do no good at all. During the summer it stops heat that has accumulated in the roof space from heating up the rooms below. Once again spray foam is the most effective.

Wall insulation.

A few things happen to walls. On high temperature days heat filters through the walls and heats up inside. This becomes even worse when they are in direct exposure to the sun.  During winters months your heat inside escapes to the outside. This becomes worse during windy days where the heat envelope is stripped from the walls outside. It’s like dollars just floating through the wall yet it is easy to get spray foam down into the cavities of your walls to stop this.

Underfloor Insulation.

Underfloor insulation provides two benefits. One, creates a barrier to the cold that naturally accumulates under wooden floors and seals any gaps that air can whistle through. The second is that it creates a moisture barrier. There is nothing worse than clammy cold or warm moister ridden air to start off those colds and flu.

The question you may ask next is “should I insulate all of the above?” and create a completely green home green planet.

If it were me, I would do the lot. It has been said that in Australia it is possible to create a home that almost needs no heating or cooling whatsoever. Of course may depend where you live in Australia.

But lets face it, it can also come down to cost. Most houses built today are built on concrete slabs so you cannot really install underfloor insulation. My preference in order of insulation are, roof, wall, underfloor and then ceiling. But this may also depend on your house. If you have an awfully draughty house you may want to do wall or underfloor first. If you have cold clammy air coming from underfoot you may want to do underfloor first.

Whatever insulation you decide to install one thing is certain. You will save money and be more comfortable. Want to be more comfortable? Review the rest of this website and then give “Spray Foam Solutions” a call for advice and a quote and end up with a green home green planet.